What types of businesses need to use Social Media Marketing?

Social media is a crucial tool for business growth. Every business would benefit from maintaining a social media presence. There are 1.44 billion users on Facebook. If you are not utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Google you are missing on potential prospects. Having access to all those potential customers helps you boost traffic and ultimately, revenue.


I have a Facebook page with many likes isn’t that enough?

While having a Facebook page is very important to your business, it is also important to create relevant content and drive your target audience to your page. Businesses should not only have a Facebook presence, but other social media platforms as well. Instagram has over 800 million users and is another important platform to use to interact with your customers. Your business should also have an easy to navigate website design.


How does Social Media Marketing increase revenue?

Your online presence is your most important marketing tool. Happy customers bring more happy customers. When people hear about your business, they research your reputation online. Positive reviews generate higher conversion rates. You can also incentivize your current audience to share your page by hosting a giveaway, offering coupons, etc. to increase your presence and reach your target market. Create the opportunity for your brand to become a talking point. Your business can’t afford for you to not interact with your audience on social media.


Why do I need Advanced.Social to manage my social media?

Your customers are using social media every day regardless of what industry you do business in. It is important that you keep your customers and prospects connected to your brand so that you are always their first choice. There are people searching online for the product or service that you provide. Advanced.Social will drive this traffic to your page and help you create a reputable image allows you to retain current clients and grow your customer base. People are talking about your brand on social media. Advanced.Social will lead the conversation by highlighting the positive aspects of your business and responding sincerely to negative comments. Most business owners do not have the time or the know how to maximize their online potential. Our experts at Advanced.Social will dedicate their time and knowledge to helping you meet your social media goals.

Happy Clients:

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