About Advanced.Social

Advanced.Social is the social media marketing management company that handles the marketing across multiple forms of social media; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Groupon, Google, etc.… for clients of all types and sizes. Advanced.Social works with your business personally to instantly monetize exposure, traffic, and any other need necessary to grow your business with highly measurable metrics and statistics to give you the social presence that is absolutely critical in today and tomorrow’s market.

What We Do

We make your social media presence flourish by making sure your targeted client base is exposed to what you want to promote and how many future clients you want to be exposed to. By keeping our clients in the loop, we can always target exactly what you want, how you want it. Advanced.Social takes advantage of proper posting and language along with paid for “boosting” to target exactly who wants what you are selling. 

We do not provide blanket ads that you HOPE someone will see in your demographic; we target your exact demographic.

How Can Social Media Help Your Business Grow?

For many businesses, social media is the great untapped resource. Social media marketing is an affordable and efficient tool to find new customers and increase sales that every modern business needs to utilize or risk their competition leaving them behind in the dust. As a business owner, it can be difficult to find the time to master all of the intricacies of social media, but luckily you don’t have to. The social media team at Advanced.Social can implement a social media strategy to put your businesses over the top!

Advanced.Social Meet The Marketing Managers

Salvatore Cardinale

Marketing Manager

Sam is a career digital marketing specialist who has boosted business from small businesses to large, both online and in store. Sam is a marketing tactician who not only focuses on the clients desired demographic, but also implements techniques to reach out and find new customers to constantly build the clients business.

Sam is also a hospitality specialist. Starting from the bottom, Sam had worked his way through every tier in customer service. From busboy to Front House Manager, Sam found a niche in fine dining establishments where other then the best quality and customer service is unacceptable.

Love From Clients